Review: Switched by N. r. Walker 5 BIG stars

So…I just finished Switched by the fabulous NR Walker. Published 12/26/2016, and I must say, while it has been a crap year, Switched may have saved it. FIVE HUGE STARS.

The idea of being switched at birth is something I, personally, have long been fascinated with. Stemming from my long-term belief that one of us, either myself or my mom, is an alien, enough about me.

Such a powerful subject: someone made a mistake and you are not only not who you thought you were, but you don’t even belong to the family you were raised in. Couple this with a disdainful, cold family life and you have the sum of Israel Ingham’s journey. The only thing which has sustained him through the years of disapproval and outright disgust from his parents, is his long-term friendship with Sam.

It is with extreme tenderness and care that NR Walker explores the possibility of finding family when all bets are off, all hope is lost. By opening himself up to the possibility of another family (one in which he is like other people and is not alone), Israel forces his own parents (the ones who raised him) to come to terms with their personal secrets and painful family history. Walker explores subjects, which in the past, have been relatively taboo (don’t want to give away a plot point), but ones which should be talked about more often. Along the way Israel starts to feel differently about his boyhood friend Sam too. Sam, who he has always turned to in times of need and received unwavering support from.

The meat of the story is set over a short time frame, giving the reader insight into Israel’s discovery and subsequent inner turmoil while he tries to navigate a new family as well as whatever it is he and Sam have going. I loved that there was no bad guy here. No one is perfect, reasons for why Israel was treated the way he was are revealed as he peels back his own family’s history. I loved the easy relationship between Sam and Israel as well as the rest of their posse. Loved this book.

Any fan of NR Walker will love this most recent addition, if you haven’t read Walker’s work yet, this is a perfect time and place to start.