No Pressure

I just finished my second book!

Still searching for the right title but leaning toward something like: 'No Pressure', which is appropriate (but maybe readers would be confused?), a little bit of an inside joke, and a lot of how I feel bout 2017 going forward.

In all, extremely satisfying for me personally. I think, when it finally gets out there, that peeps will enjoy this 'loosely connected set of stories'. I am certainly enjoying writing them. 

The photo is a shot of Highway 20 in Washington State from this past weekend. I braved the snow to check out the eagles. The eagles eluded me but the snowy landscape was beautiful, so quiet.


What are people's thoughts on a 'happy for now' HEA vs. a "so happy we are getting married' HEA? I would really like to know your thoughts, I know I lean toward one more than the other.

Please feel free to share/comment on my post.  

Have a great weekend everyone.