Release wrap, GRL and other musings

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In case you missed the media *blitz* (snorts with laughter), the fourth book in the Accidental Roots series came out 9/29. There were a few wrinkles - piracy being the biggest - regardless overall ASATS has been very well received. If you don't believe the messenger check out the reviews on Amazon or the review sites which so kindly read and reviewed last week. See the links below (If you've read it maybe you would be willing to leave a review as well! <3).

In other news...I am headed to GRL next week. Flying off to the big city of Denver to meet people and fangirl a little. Okay, a lot. So many authors will be there. These are the incredible people I interact with on the facebook :) but only see once a year. So excited!

As a supporting author I'll be at the Thursday morning signing event then have my supporting author table up Thursday from 1:00- 1:45 and again Friday from 11:00-11:45, come and find me! If you miss me and feel free to approach at any time, I don't bite. I am also participating in Three facts and a Lie on Saturday afternoon. I am bringing some pretty awesome prizes to offer so I hope you come and check it out! Kudos to Lori GW for setting this whole thing up!


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