Free stuff? Audio Books? It's Tuesday!!!!!

Tuesday is my favorite day of the week. Why? If you are here on my page you already know, most new books come out on Tuesdays.

I have a zillion audible credits. I would like to share the love, so to speak. So, I am going to try this giveaway one more time before I hoard them like Smaug. What's out there that you are looking forward to? What landed on your e-reader in the middle of the night last night?   Comment on this post, or on my facebook page (Elle Keaton).

I'm going to let this sit here until March 5th and then a random name will be picked. If the book you mention is on audible I will gift it to you. If not, how about a plain ol' credit?

I'm looking forward to the conversation <3

PS: Fellow authors WELCOME after all we are all readers.