Quick Review: Slade: by Kade Boehme

Five Stars. So much to love about Johnny Slade and Shane Moore.
'Slade' is a sweet read by a favorite author of mine, Kade Boehme. 
We meet Shane and Johnny deep in the heart of Texas when Johnny is riding through town on his way to an assignment. The two meet at the General Store in town that Shane helps his grandmother run. We soon learn that Shane helps a lot of people in his family, almost to a fault. 
Their attraction is immediate but neither of them is looking for anything. Shane because he had family obligations, and Johnny because he doesn't like to stay places. 
I loved the way Kade handled the sweet romance between the two of them, as well as the slow build of angst as they both come to realize this quick, thrown together by chance, romance means more than either is willing to admit. 
A definite re-read for me and I highly recommend it.