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In case you needed a little more motivation here is a tiny excerpt. I LOVED writing this.


"The way Joey was staring at him gave Buck the distinct impression that he had a pretty good idea what Buck had been thinking about. Was still thinking about. His dick, which had never reacted to anyone on its own accord in the history of Buck’s existence, chose that moment to chub up. Joey’s eyes flickered again. Buck was mortified. Joey had to have seen the twitch of his stupid coveralls. When his beautiful hazel eyes flicked up to Buck’s they were filled with very real heat.

For the first time in his life Buck didn’t think; he acted. Responded. He shushed his inner editor, reaching out to pull Joey close enough so Buck could bend down and touch his lips to Joey’s lush ones, their bodies touching from chest to hip to thigh. For a few short moments that all it was, a gentle press of lips. Until Joey opened his mouth and tentatively ran his tongue along the crease of Buck’s lips, his grip tightening on Buck’s biceps.

Buck couldn’t tell where he ended and Joey began; didn’t care. Everything was the heat of their mouths coming together, the rough texture of their tongues against one another and the faint taste of the coffee Joey must have had before he arrived at the shop. Buck could have stood there kissing him for hours; the little sounds Joey made slayed him. It certainly had gone on for more than a few minutes when there was a quiet throat-clearing and Xena went ballistic, barking and lunging at the interloper, nearly pulling Joey over onto the floor. Buck knew exactly how she felt. He reluctantly released his hands from where they were cupping Joey’s face, letting them fall back to his sides."