Another count down....

March 31st, No Pressure will be available for your reading pleasure. In the meantime, spend this weekend reading Storm Season--if you haven't already!

My new series, Accidental Roots, is set in the Pacific Northwest where I, in fact, grew up and currently live. Skagit is not a real place, although it is a real river and a real region of Washington State. As the name of the first in the series suggests it does rain a lot here. This winter has been particularly brutal, I think if I had known how bad it would be I would have set these somewhere warm with pool boys and hot sand we could dig our toes into. But, then it wouldn't be the same story.

Washington State has its own particular beauty, as do all of the states. Personally, I have tried to move away no less than ten times and have always returned. Somehow, a magical day of sunshine erases the prior four months of rain. There is a lot of weather in the series, in some sense it is a character in itself. 

Writing this little part of the world has been a lot of fun, I am so happy to be sharing it with everyone.


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