Fear, Women's intuition, and the Horror Genre.....you MUST read this.

READ THIS amazing piece. All. The. Way. Through.

Here is a teaser from about halfway, once I got to this point there was no stopping: "She told you she heard something, or saw it out of the corner of her eye. She told you she was scared, that she didn’t want to go into that boarded up house or creaky old cabin, that she didn’t want to keep making out, that she didn’t like this corner of the woods. She told you she was scared and you laughed at her. She told you she had a bad feeling and you thought it was adorable. She whined at you and she tugged at your sleeve and sometimes she even begged you to leave it, to just go home deal with it all later. You thought that made her a wet blanket, or worse, a tease. As though that somehow mattered more than the sanctity of her life. Or yours."

and then this: "Any human being can tap into intuition, but women are constantly pegged as the humans who own this preternatural ability. Why? Because women are supposed to be on their guard every second of the day. Because our very existence, in the right skirt or pair of high heels, is an invitation to untold abuses. Because we’re not supposed to trust anyone—but we’re supposed to be unfailing sweet to everyone. Women are intuitive because tapping that intuition is something that we are encouraged toward from the day we are born, for the sake of our safety and our lives. "

I cannot tell you how many times I have argued that we, women, are taught from the very beginning of our lives to live in fear. I have to say, I think this sums up why I dislike horror so much.

Anyway. Read this, share it, let's talk about it: www.tor.com/2017/04/13/the-peril-of-being-disbelieved-horror-and-the-intuition-of-women