Funday, Monday.

Wow. It is nearly May. This is when the year really starts to speed up, for me it is probably because I start to get out a little more (plus a s*it ton of birthdays).

Ugh, Cannot tell you all how difficult this (lack of) PNW spring has been for my little house. If my friends weren't all here and I could afford it, I would move to a warmer climate. Feeling a little bit like Weir, poor guy (oooh, was that an accidental teaser?). Chuckles aside, I do suffer from depression/anxiety and the weather makes it worse. Mostly I manage it with diet and exercise, but this year is proving very difficult. Anyhoo, enough personal stuff.

Spring Break is with my editor -- believe me there is plenty of work left but we are on track for a June 9 release. VERY excited, Weir and Sterling have been fun to hang out with the past few months. The website has been revamped a little, check out the CafePress store (under fun stuff) and added 'buy links' that take you directly to Amazon.

Keep an eye on this space for some upcoming promotions and giveaways. Like I said, birthday season is upon me and I will share the love.