The blog which wouldn't write OR post-itself : Second Act

Finishing up first round edits for Spring Break. I'm excited about this one -- goes out to a few readers this weekend and I'm looking forward to what they have to say. 

With luck, hard work and getting over this stomach bug/food poisoning -- hoping that I can stick to my timeline. It looks like we may see Spring Break as early as June 9th!

For those that missed my author take-over last weekend, Spring Break features Carroll Weir and Sterling Bailey. These guys have been a little more complicated to write than I expected so editing has been tough. Where Storm Season was more Adam's story and No Pressure is Buck's, Spring Break is really both Sterling and Weir's stories together.

I will keep you up to date on progress and do a cover reveal as we get the meantime here is a little teaser I posted last weekend (I hope you like it!)