Reflecting on 2017...looking ahead at 2018, thoughts, musings, hopes.

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River Home

If you don’t know what you want, would you recognize it if you found it?

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If you are reading this you probably already know that for this human anyway, 2017 was an incredible year. With sweaty nervous hands, I hit the 'submit for pre-order ' button in late February and then waited. It scared me on so many levels, exposing myself as an author (right?) as someone who thought I legitimately had something to offer readers. Storm Season -- my first child -- continues to sell, a constant surprise since it is far from perfect. Regardless, reader acceptance and excitement for more kept me moving forward. 

Four self-published novels by the end of fall ....and a learning curve so steep it was almost perpendicular. My takeaway from 2017 is: Do it. Do it. Don't let fear hold you back if something doesn't work the way you want get back up, brush off and try again. Listen to people in the industry -- there is a lot of experience out there. Subscribe to newsletters, listen to writers you admire not only for their work but for what they do that works. My three favorite technologies/apps 1. Twitter. If you're not on Twitter as a writer or reader you are missing out. 2. Instagram. counterintuitive for writers (and yes I am a photographer as well) but readers are on Instagram --- go there. 2. go here. make stuff easily for all your social media platforms. Then use it. 

Drum roll please ...... 2018! First off, River Home (Accidental Roots 5) is coming out on February 16th. Can't wait to share Miguel and Nate with everyone. 

2018 Goals 1. Add one more novel to the queue. I think I can do it. I'd like to do a holiday or a quasi-holiday novella. We'll see. I won't be able to attend GRL this year, I've gone the past three so this is a hard choice but I'm getting MARRIED and want to save for a honeymoon. That said goal 2. attend a different conference -- I'm seriously considering the Emerald City Writers Conference, will for certain be at Read With Pride Northwest in the fall. 3. NETWORK. The bane of my existence. I am going to try harder, put myself out there more, engage and interact. Not a goal -- a plan! I am starting a new series.....I'm about 10k in right now, hoping to have it in front of you by mid-April. If I tell you these things then I will do them!

Lastly, I woke to great news this morning. Padmes Library picked Storm Season as one of their favorite mystery-genre reads for 2017. I am flattered, I am stunned, I still feel like an imposter. 

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Thank you for an incredible 2017.