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ocean path

I'm sitting here at a kitchen table, not mine, mesmerized by the inexorable push and retreat of huge waves as they smash into the little beach not even forty feet from me. It's nasty out there today, the hovering clouds are at least 50 shades of gray (cough). Hardy seagulls glide along the wind, they seem to be fishing but I am not sure for what in this weather -- there were brown pelicans out yesterday.

Wow, I am very lucky to be able to escape the day to day grind, to be embedded for a little while, with fellow authors who I can bounce ideas off of or just work quietly alongside. 

'River Home' is out in the world and it seems readers are liking it. There are still a few review sites to come so keep your eyes out -- thank you so much for 'liking' and 'sharing'. I've been trying to post reviews on my facebook page but you might just as likely find links on my Twitter feed or Instagram.

So, you wonder, what's up next? 

Good question.

I have a lot of things going on right now, there are definitely outlines for two more Accidental Roots novels -- I've been working on #6 this weekend. With luck and persistence, I'm hoping to have it out to readers around mid-April. Unless...

Unless the paranormal-urban-romance-fantasy I have also been working on takes over my life. Then that one would be next. I'm not opposed to taking a little break from Accidental Roots so I can let the characters steep for a little while. We shall see.

So, this really is a blog about nothing, except that I am glad to see folks loving Nate and Miguel...I'm glad to be writing this weekend and mother nature is pretty freakin' awesome.





 Cat tails 

Cat tails