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In celebration of the first birthday of the Keaton birthday marathon, I am having a 0.99 cent sale! Grab it while it's hot! 
Both titles are yes, for a limited time, a mere 0.99 cents each, such a bargain.
Twenty years ago today at 6:33 PST after 36 hours of labor I was handed a baby. It was at this exact moment that I realized I had never held a live baby before therefore, I had NO IDEA what I was doing. ZERO. I still don't know what I'm doing but having the time of my life.
Well, we survived, the two of us and today she turns 20. 
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Book of the week. Book of the week? WHAT? That's No Pressure...

Book of the week. Book of the week? WHAT? That's No Pressure...

Book of the week, vote at lovebytesreviews!

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Pre-Birthday-Party Party Party-Time

Pre-Birthday-Party Party Party-Time

PRe-Birthday-Party Party Party-Time ARC Contest 

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Sneak Peak! Spring Break : Accidental Roots 3

It's Monday AGAIN! And it is the first of May, where has the year gone?


In celebration of May Day, the beginning of three months of birthdays and other shenanigans, I thought this would be the perfect time to let everyone see the cover ofSpring Break, the third in the Accidental Roots series. 

Spring Break is currently going through its (*hopefully*) last round of edits. Tweaking a few things here and there. If you follow/like my facebook page you already know a little bit about the story and have seen the cover. If you haven't liked/followed yet, head on over it's painless and you might get some free stuff! There will be some giveaways and other fun things coming before the release day of June 9th.

Questions? I love questions! Bring 'em on!!


Another lovely cover design by Zoe Cottingham. If you are interested in having a simple, yet elegant cover designed for you, she can be reached at She will work with a photo you provide or stock. Pricing extremely reasonable and a quick turn around.

Funday, Monday.

Funday, Monday.

Musing about the weather and upcoming publications.

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Fear, Women's intuition, and the Horror MUST read this.

READ THIS amazing piece. All. The. Way. Through.

Here is a teaser from about halfway, once I got to this point there was no stopping: "She told you she heard something, or saw it out of the corner of her eye. She told you she was scared, that she didn’t want to go into that boarded up house or creaky old cabin, that she didn’t want to keep making out, that she didn’t like this corner of the woods. She told you she was scared and you laughed at her. She told you she had a bad feeling and you thought it was adorable. She whined at you and she tugged at your sleeve and sometimes she even begged you to leave it, to just go home deal with it all later. You thought that made her a wet blanket, or worse, a tease. As though that somehow mattered more than the sanctity of her life. Or yours."

and then this: "Any human being can tap into intuition, but women are constantly pegged as the humans who own this preternatural ability. Why? Because women are supposed to be on their guard every second of the day. Because our very existence, in the right skirt or pair of high heels, is an invitation to untold abuses. Because we’re not supposed to trust anyone—but we’re supposed to be unfailing sweet to everyone. Women are intuitive because tapping that intuition is something that we are encouraged toward from the day we are born, for the sake of our safety and our lives. "

I cannot tell you how many times I have argued that we, women, are taught from the very beginning of our lives to live in fear. I have to say, I think this sums up why I dislike horror so much.

Anyway. Read this, share it, let's talk about it:

The blog which wouldn't write OR post-itself : Second Act

Finishing up first round edits for Spring Break. I'm excited about this one -- goes out to a few readers this weekend and I'm looking forward to what they have to say. 

With luck, hard work and getting over this stomach bug/food poisoning -- hoping that I can stick to my timeline. It looks like we may see Spring Break as early as June 9th!

For those that missed my author take-over last weekend, Spring Break features Carroll Weir and Sterling Bailey. These guys have been a little more complicated to write than I expected so editing has been tough. Where Storm Season was more Adam's story and No Pressure is Buck's, Spring Break is really both Sterling and Weir's stories together.

I will keep you up to date on progress and do a cover reveal as we get the meantime here is a little teaser I posted last weekend (I hope you like it!)

No Foolin', No Pressure is here and ready for your weekend

I'm assured this feeling will never go away *sighs dramatically*.

No Pressure (Accidental Roots 2) is out in the world for readers enjoyment, my hope is that you get to escape from the real world a little this weekend, surely No Pressure will help. 

As I write this morning, the greater Seattle area is experiencing only its seventh day with less than 10% cloud cover since last October. The weather is real mind you, this has been a brutal winter, even for us.  My point being: I didn't make up the constant rain and cold!

There is a release day contest going on over on my facebook page Elle Keaton, click on over for a fun chance to win a $5 amazon gift card!

Join me tomorrow morning, I will be taking over Lynn Michaels Facebook page from 11-12 EST in celebration of her new release Hole Shot 2

*rubs hands together* more giveaways and some sneak peaks....

Be there or be square! :P


Another count down....

March 31st, No Pressure will be available for your reading pleasure. In the meantime, spend this weekend reading Storm Season--if you haven't already!

My new series, Accidental Roots, is set in the Pacific Northwest where I, in fact, grew up and currently live. Skagit is not a real place, although it is a real river and a real region of Washington State. As the name of the first in the series suggests it does rain a lot here. This winter has been particularly brutal, I think if I had known how bad it would be I would have set these somewhere warm with pool boys and hot sand we could dig our toes into. But, then it wouldn't be the same story.

Washington State has its own particular beauty, as do all of the states. Personally, I have tried to move away no less than ten times and have always returned. Somehow, a magical day of sunshine erases the prior four months of rain. There is a lot of weather in the series, in some sense it is a character in itself. 

Writing this little part of the world has been a lot of fun, I am so happy to be sharing it with everyone.


It would mean a lot to me if you have read Storm Season if you would leave a review--makes all the difference! 

Yay! First day of Spring!

The weather in Seattle was amazing yesterday, the high of 52 degrees F had everyone breaking out their shorts, white socks, and sandals. This is a real thing here. Socks and sandals. So Wrong.

If you haven't had a chance to pick up Storm Season (or review it!) now is the time (of course, any time is the right time). No Pressure is up for pre-order, available the 31st. Just enough time to finish Adam and Micah's story before diving into the next one! 

I am hard at work on Spring Break, the third in Accidental Roots. For those of you wondering about our boy, Carroll Weir, the answer is yes.

Alrighty then, have a great Monday and first day of spring.


No Pressure: Available for pre-order now!

All the information you need, in one little click:

In case you needed a little more motivation here is a tiny excerpt. I LOVED writing this.


"The way Joey was staring at him gave Buck the distinct impression that he had a pretty good idea what Buck had been thinking about. Was still thinking about. His dick, which had never reacted to anyone on its own accord in the history of Buck’s existence, chose that moment to chub up. Joey’s eyes flickered again. Buck was mortified. Joey had to have seen the twitch of his stupid coveralls. When his beautiful hazel eyes flicked up to Buck’s they were filled with very real heat.

For the first time in his life Buck didn’t think; he acted. Responded. He shushed his inner editor, reaching out to pull Joey close enough so Buck could bend down and touch his lips to Joey’s lush ones, their bodies touching from chest to hip to thigh. For a few short moments that all it was, a gentle press of lips. Until Joey opened his mouth and tentatively ran his tongue along the crease of Buck’s lips, his grip tightening on Buck’s biceps.

Buck couldn’t tell where he ended and Joey began; didn’t care. Everything was the heat of their mouths coming together, the rough texture of their tongues against one another and the faint taste of the coffee Joey must have had before he arrived at the shop. Buck could have stood there kissing him for hours; the little sounds Joey made slayed him. It certainly had gone on for more than a few minutes when there was a quiet throat-clearing and Xena went ballistic, barking and lunging at the interloper, nearly pulling Joey over onto the floor. Buck knew exactly how she felt. He reluctantly released his hands from where they were cupping Joey’s face, letting them fall back to his sides."


'Twas the night before St. Paddy's Day...No Pressure.

And that's about as far as I can go with that. No mice here.

A general announcement that No Pressure will be up for pre-sale starting tomorrow, I hope... I will post the link as soon as I can. This book was amazingly quick and fun to write, Joey and Buck's story leaped from my fingers to the page. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.



No Pressure .....just a sneak peak at the cover

Here it is, the amazing cover for No excited to be able to share this with everyone. I hope you love it as much as I do. Let me introduce you to Buck if you've had a chance to read Storm Season you've met him briefly. He is a very complicated character. Honestly, I didn't have plans for a story for him and it is. Unlike Storm Season, No Pressure was relatively quick to write and very satisfying.

No Pressure will be available March 17th for pre-order.


Thoughts about writing, how your own life sneaks in...

This is going to be kind of rambly, but several people have asked me this question so I figured there were more out in there the reader world who might be interested.

Yes, some of Adam's life experiences are from my life--I'm not an investigator and, thankfully, have never discovered a dead body. My dad is an artist, he was (still is) part of a vibrant artist community in the Skagit Valley. There was an art community called Fish Town next to the Skagit River from the 1960s into the 1980s, I think in its heyday maybe 18-20 people lived there. They lived in small cabins with no electricity or running water but managed just fine, living off the land and creating a lot of different kinds of art.

I did not live there although I visited. He is NOT a hoarder--also, still alive. If you ever visit or go through the small town of La Conner visit the NW Museum of Art to see all the art and artists which came out of that time. Anyway, I learned a lot about my father writing Storm Season and thinking about him more reflectively than perhaps I ever have before. It was a very good experience.

My biggest personal takeaway was, when you grow up around a bunch of amazing crazy artist types you believe the entire world can be expressed in a painting, a piece of music, or a poem. These guys (only a handful of women ever lived there and only one was an artist) spent their days exploring the mediums, breathing them, dissecting meaning. How could I not think that was what life should be like?

Here I am a zilliondy years later, finally publishing my first novel, and the poetry and music from that time still rings in my head. Note: My father did build a huge house out of logs from his property. When I was in high school and college, I would drive up from Seattle in my red 1970 super beetle, the first thing I would hear was classical music blasting from the house into the forest...


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Continuing to celebrate the release of Storm Season, if you haven't purchased it yet here is the purchase link:

Here is a horrid picture of me with permed hair!! AGH! But as you can see my father still wasn't done with the house at this point. I believe eventually that became the porch.

Here is a horrid picture of me with permed hair!! AGH! But as you can see my father still wasn't done with the house at this point. I believe eventually that became the porch.

Thank you everyone

A quick thank you, again, to everyone who participated in my debut release day for Storm Season. There will be a final fun 'appearance' tomorrow 9 am PST where I will make myself available for questions/answers, an e-book giveaway for Storm Season and, dah-dum....a cover reveal for the next in the series, No Pressure.

I am looking forward to meeting you all!

We will be celebrating the release of Lisa Oliver's new book, A Tiger's Tale! 

It's Party Time!

Thank you, everyone, for making this day special!

Join me again on Sunday 9 am PST for another party and a sneak preview of the cover for No Pressure. No Pressure follows quickly in the footsteps of Storm Season and features Joey James and Buck Swanfeldt. If Adam and Micah took me years then Joey and Buck demanded that I tell their story RIGHT NOW. I'm really proud of it, looking at a release of March 31st. 

I'd love to 'see' you Sunday.

New Release Eve: Storm Season is here.....

There's no stopping the storm now...   will be available for purchase tomorrow and drop onto e-readers sometimes tonight.

This has been a long time coming and, well, I will never have another 'first ever release day'. I can't begin to tell everyone how grateful I am for encouragement and support.

Drop by

in the morning, there will be fun times and a giveaway. 

Sunday, I am lucky to be part of an author take-over for Lisa Oliver's new release, A Tiger's Tale' hosted by! My time slot is 9 am PST. There will be another giveaway and whatever else I can come up with. Maybe a teaser and cover reveal for No Pressure... which directly follows Storm Season.

Below is the link Sunday's event:

Not sure how much sleep I'll get tonight!