Yes, everybody talks about the weather here. 

In the Emerald City weather is something of a passion. Geographically we are blessed, on any given day an industrious person could ski, hike, bike, kayak and possibly even swim in the frigid, 54 degree, waters of the Puget Sound. They'd probably need a nice frothy IPA afterward and a massage. We have both of those. Traffic cooperating, the drive between mountain and sea is as little as 45 minutes. The weather however, might have a different plan. Last year, for example, we had one day without cloud cover between the end of October and the end of March accompanied by record rainfall. It felt like the apocalypse.

Is it any wonder that weather has its own arc in my writing? In summer, when we have notoriously shiny, gleaming sunny days the weather holds us in thrall -- demands that we all go outside and bask. We live everyday as if the sun might not shine again -- because it might not. Vampires must love this city.