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The NorthStar

The holiday season can’t be over soon enough for John Hall. His ex-boyfriend emptied the bank accounts and ran off with his personal trainer months earlier leaving John unable to pay his creditors. Now he’s forced to close the independent movie theater he runs, a bad end to a bad year. Gay and single, closer to fifty than forty, John doesn’t see a lot of hope in his future. In the dark of night he wonders if staying afloat is worth the effort.

Chance Allsop made a promise to his dying mother he hopes he doesn’t regret. Ten months after her death he’s finally in Skagit, Washington, visiting the old movie theater where his parents met and fell in love decades ago. The whole thing seems like a lark until he lays eyes on the handsome owner, with his mother’s spirit at his back Chance fully intends to win John Hall’s heart.

Praise for His Best Man & Accidental Roots Series:

"I thought the ending was perfect. It summed everything up neatly and I was completely satisfied and moved. The final words made me cry happy tears and warmed my heart. I wish I could tell you about everything, but I believe His Best Man must be read to be able to appreciate Elle Keaton’s writing, Rod and Travis’ love, and Travis’ family’s influence. It is considered part of the Accidental Roots series, but you don’t have to read the other stories to understand what happens here. However, I’m going to enthusiastically recommend you read the previous books, simply because they’re amazing…full of action, well crafted mysteries, and lovable characters. Do yourself a favor and pick this one up. You won’t be sorry.”

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