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No one ever claimed it would be easy.

Running away from his messy divorce did not bring Ira Fragale the peace he sought. If he’s going to get his life together, he needs to pull up his big-boy pants and take care of business. He’s been hiding out in Skagit, licking his wounds, for two years now. Keeping his head down, except for the trail of twinks he’s left behind. Something’s gotta give.

Bartending at the Loft is easy, and Cameron McCulloch likes the friendships and community he’s developed since his family rejected him, but he wants more. To get that, Cam needs to knock Ira off the pedestal he's placed him on. Ira's older, but that doesn't mean he has any clearer handle on life and the universe than Cam. Cam needs to focus on his own needs and forget about Ira, but he can’t.

Ira didn’t choose Skagit at random; decades-old events set him on the path he is on today. The mystery of his father’s murder may never be solved, but Ira would like to lay his spirit to rest.

None of this explains why Cameron is suddenly the target of a series of hate crimes. The small town of Skagit has its share of trouble, but someone has it in for the LGBTQ community, and Cameron is directly in their crosshairs.

Praise for the Accidental Roots Series:
"Let me begin by telling you I’m a huge fan of the Accidental Roots series. The setting, the characters, and the stories are compelling and utterly readable. River Home is no different. I picked up my Kindle, and the only reason I didn’t read it straight through was pure exhaustion. I considered taping my eyes open so I could finish. I didn’t even get out of bed the next morning, simply reaching over and picking it right up again. Elle Keaton always writes characters who are troubled, but also have heart."

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